A downloadable game for Windows

Bag Box is a shared controller fighting game for 2 players that centers around reads, reactions and reversals! Players swap between attacking and defending, with the attacker trying punch away their opponent's stamina, while the defender tries to dodge enough to fill up the reversal meter! Once the reversal meter is filled, players reverse roles! The first player to drain their opponent's stamina, wins!

What you'll need  to play Bag Box:

- An XBOX controller (One/360)

- Another person

- A decent-ish computer

Bag Box was made during Chillennium 2017 at Texas A&M by Josh Cappelli, Ben Scott, Cody Romphf and Shae Humphries, representatives of OddBird and Sheridan College.


Bag Box.zip 20 MB

Install instructions

Install and extract all of the files in the zipped folder to where you like to store your games! (We usually use the desktop).


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yes mhm very very THICC

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I really want you to let us use a ps2/keyboard/ps3 because

 my brother has an xbox 360 controller and won't let me use it

This game would be perfect with a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons!