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I GOT 100%


i think that u should add more consequences than -numbers to make it more fun not jst clicking shit, and add more time or jst put a timer in screen and add exit button.

really fun game loved it


Happy Voting Day! Here is my video link!

Good Game Friend, keep it up!


this was the first game i ever played on this site, near perfect.




RedBull x USA, I like the sound of it


The national color of my country is orange and I feel attacked

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You seriously need to add an ending, whoever made this please. Also it would be cool to kind of have a shop where you can spend coins(for regular items) and happiness(for faster labor) and the world points (that one blue bar on the bottom left) extra buildings=more money and more choices...

There is actually an ending, if you get the world bar to 0 it will say president impeached, although its probably not winning.


I've seen a lot of people playing this! Hilarious and well put together! Made for a good time, great job!

I played this game on the latest episode of my Random Funny Games series on my YouTube channel! Its the second game on the video! Check it out! 😃


I always wondered why they put him in a peach, and now I understand!

I wish there is a macOS version


Omg i really feel bad now bc this game is AMAZING.

 But you can have it on mobile through the app store.

 Not through 

Really fun fun game! Made a video on it some time ago nd we had some pancakes with a side of national pride... right before we got impeached... (we also stole some syrup from the Canadians if I remember correctly)

Very fun game. I thought the responses and quips were great. I am curious does anything happens if you max all the stats? I got close once but I didn't think anything would happen then.

Your game is the last part in the video.

funny af


what do i do now


I love this game

I suprisingly seem to choose a lot of the better answers, most the game i've been in the upper third of all three bars

If a verified youtuber enjoys it, I guess I will!

make impeached on macOS


This was really fun at first! It's a hilarious game, and well made. My only critique is that there seems to be no way to end the game except getting impeached, so it gets boring if you're good at it. I'm pretty sure there are no new questions left (I held out on pupper and doggo as long as I could!), and I have most bars full so I think it's just gonna keep going pretty much the same until I stop playing, which makes me sad.


loved it


Such a great game! I've had fun! Just don't know if you can finish the game other way then just fail..?


love this! as a Canadian playing this I laughed really hard at all of the stereotypes! absolutely hilarious! 

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I'm also Canadian!

I LOVE DIS GAME!!!!!!! You can probably tell by my username... :/ LOL xD

Congratulations, Your game made it into our top 5 list, be sure to check it out



alt title: tump simulater

This game was amazing. I had fun making funny voices for every reporter, and the choices are just PERFECT. Really enjoyed.

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people who say "pupper" and "doggo" now classified terrorist

X  doge


My hips don't lie

X hipster


OMG such a fun and creative video!!! I had to do a playthrough video! Check it out and keeo up the great work!!!

Game: Put signature here x__________

Me: Colors whole page (literally)

This was a cute idea and I had fun seeing what exactly they picked up for the news headlines. Like others mentioned, I did have a bit of trouble understanding the "life" bars and actually getting impeached, but it eventually happened.

Had a lot of laughs playing this game ahah very clever and simple, but also very funny

This is really funny.

An issue I'm having in the game is that everyone loves me too much and it's hard to get impeached unless you try really hard to lose, not sure if intentional commentary on real life or bad design.

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I'm confused, is the point of the game to get impeached, or to not get impeached?

Edit:I tried getting impeached and I only had to sign to documents before I got impeached. 

I think the point of the game is up to you, according to the description.

up to you and it is hard typing with pinkies because when you have cheetos fingers you...

wish there was more risk, either w/more punishment or by putting something on the line. this is really hilarious though and probably one of the most interesting implementations of choice games, with the questions segment following each round. "r e i g n z" (with an s) is making a lot of money doing this but i honestly prefer this format, didn't want to spell out their app in case they have a google alert on it. this is a cool format and you do it well, just put a hard mode or something and it's solid. 

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