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I literally tried to get impeached and couldn't xD


Man after the question started looping I wanted to get impeached and I can’t

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duplicate words


i did all of them they started looping


this is fun as hell

What do the 3 bars mean and do you get different outcomes when different bars are emptied?

if any of the bars empty, you get impeached, and the first one is your money, the second one is general happiness, and i think the third one is how it affects the world or something. different responses, like saying that you'll send a search team, may make different bars deplete (in this case, you'll have to fund the team, which will cause you to lose money).

#rights for all


talk about sarcasm

and also freaking real

enjoyed this




that was a joke if you cannot tell the sky does exist 


wow to bad i didnt ask and a racist joke


too bad non shits are given 


black people care u prick


Maybe your the only one

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really? didnt see that, but I think its supposed to be sarcastic?? (no offense here

(edit: just to be clear, I mean sarcastic towards certain racist people

the 1980's didn't have slavery? It had weird outfits and funky music and big hair. I think you might be a little confused. 

I didn't see that in game darn'it


Time to sign that the sky no longer exists rule thing


what sky?


I spent like 90% of my playtime writing elaborate cursive letters about how the man in question was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, many of whom I knew personally. 10/10 would play again.


Haven't played yet, but I know this game will be good due to this comment/rating.


holy shit im learning cursive

This is a very interest comment

c h a o s

Very funny! I enjoyed it

all full


it is a good game it is the best game

I cant write my name on my computer...

I could. That's weird. Maybe your mouse died... or something, you don't need to actually write a name to sign just a wave works :D


ACTUALLY Anything works I just wrote circles and random things.


thanks you for more precision :D


full everything


lol I'm  the evil prez-o-dent


im good 



ahahaha. I love when ppl jump the gun on politcal games, only to have history play out differently. 

kinda liek when souith park was certian HIllary won, and made an episode ahead of time - then had to change it bc they were wrong/. 

gotta love games as a politcal platform

Cute game, would love to see more.

i love this game its so funny!


This was a really fun little game !


I spent, like, half of my time playing this making the finger wiggle around ;-;


i think my in-game hand had a spasm cuz i kept making it go upside down

same dude


I got to practice my cursive

its a good game i really like it

can you make a mac version

its already on mac im on mac and im playing it


Really funny, i like the idea but more options need to be added for sur

I lasted until it started repeating old orders then I quit. But good game.

I made the whole plant hate me

but my money was at max

I made the whole plant hate me

but my money was at max

is get aproove 4/5 because its not 2 persen fps


I wish one of the options was *Bitch-slap reporter*


Pretty funny. Some of the responses are friggin' gold. I hope you can read quickly....





I GOT 100%

really fun game loved it


Happy Voting Day! Here is my video link!

Good Game Friend, keep it up!

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