You have just become the President of The United Republic of the People's Territories of States. As the new president it is your noble duty to set your nation down the right path by signing executive orders. But will everyone agree with your decisions? Find out when you address the media and face their probing questions. Will your answers satisfy the republic or will they leave you IMPEACHED! 

Impeached is out now on Android and iOS! Featuring a whole new visual update to keep your presidential decrees looking slick on the go!

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Music From: Kevin MacLeod (Music used under Creative Commons Attribution License)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(573 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Comedy, Funny, government, impeach, Parody, politics, Singleplayer, trump


Impeached-WindowsPC 14 MB

Install instructions

Download Impeached for windows to add your own content!

How to:

Step 1: Open folder, "Impeached_Win_5-28-2017\Impeached_Win_5-28-2017_Data\StreamingAssets\Executive Orders"

Step 2: Open any preexisting excel file

Step 3: Change column A1 to your new executive order.

Step 4: Change the questions, answers, and headlines in appropriate columns. 

Step 5: Click File, Save As - Name your file 

***Note*** make sure you save the excel file to  Impeached_Win_5-28-2017\Impeached_Win_5-28-2017_Data\StreamingAssets\Executive Orders 

Step 6: Play Impeached

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Are you  c a n a d i a n?

i signed that law 
"Canadian Satan"


I tried to be a good president but the choices are too funny to concentrate 


love iiiit


this is one of the funniest games ever I can't stop laughing


wait, is the idea to get impeached




Thought I was just doing really well lol

me to


If I get elected, I will put an end to syrup smuggling!


playthrough........enjoy :)


Make this game hard


I have all the bars full!! ...but i don't think thats how im supposed to play the game





i used UwU as may presidential signature ;)

3 words my fellow jackasses


well i managed to get a long enough run to see every contract twice

me too


Bro its impossible to get impeached


i got impeached on day 2! now to get immediately impeached... 


why was i met with full on opposition when i signed for pineapples to be mandatory on pizza... 馃ゲ


so you shoud


I FINALLY got impeached.  But only the world meter got down.

Same.  Wish there was a way to get an ending for having all bars full.

haha funni game be joe

cool game really liked it. it made me laugh as well, best game you've made by far :D!

Funny, Chiches has played this and then me. We speak spanish, he is a great Youtuber.

I swear as soon as my broke ass gets money I will donat



I couldn't stop laughing!




Hey, I did a little playthrough of your game. Ngl this was one of the most fun games I have played in a while!


I literally tried to get impeached and couldn't xD


Man after the question started looping I wanted to get impeached and I can鈥檛

is your profile picture the mindustry router

(1 edit) (+5)

duplicate words


i did all of them they started looping


this is fun as hell

What do the 3 bars mean and do you get different outcomes when different bars are emptied?

if any of the bars empty, you get impeached, and the first one is your money, the second one is general happiness, and i think the third one is how it affects the world or something. different responses, like saying that you'll send a search team, may make different bars deplete (in this case, you'll have to fund the team, which will cause you to lose money).

#rights for all


talk about sarcasm

and also freaking real

enjoyed this




that was a joke if you cannot tell the sky does exist 


wow to bad i didnt ask and a racist joke


too bad non shits are given 


black people care u prick


Maybe your the only one

(1 edit)

really? didnt see that, but I think its supposed to be sarcastic?? (no offense here

(edit: just to be clear, I mean sarcastic towards certain racist people

the 1980's didn't have slavery? It had weird outfits and funky music and big hair. I think you might be a little confused. 

I didn't see that in game darn'it


Time to sign that the sky no longer exists rule thing


what sky?


I spent like 90% of my playtime writing elaborate cursive letters about how the man in question was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, many of whom I knew personally. 10/10 would play again.


Haven't played yet, but I know this game will be good due to this comment/rating.


holy shit im learning cursive

This is a very interest comment

c h a o s

Very funny! I enjoyed it

all full


it is a good game it is the best game

I cant write my name on my computer...

I could. That's weird. Maybe your mouse died... or something, you don't need to actually write a name to sign just a wave works :D


ACTUALLY Anything works I just wrote circles and random things.


thanks you for more precision :D

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