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It would be nice if after successfully passing all the laws there would be a special ending instead of cycling through them again.


it gets a bit boring an repetitive after a while, but it's still a really fun game!


Nice game. maybe change the bill highlighted color to light rather than dark ? gets more catchy i think

gets boring after a while please dont ask how long y played it for


good game


I really enjoyed this game. It was really funny and I would love to see more laws and questions.  I made a video, became a little longer than I expected, but I had a really good laugh.


I understand that it's supposed to be a comedy, but it's just TOO absurd. Laws are too absurd, questions are too absurd and answers are too absurd too. Just remember, absurd doesn't automatically lead to comedy. At some point it just becomes too confusing and meaningless.

monty python proves you wrong lol. 

theres also this: 


I really enjoyed the game! 10/10

Loved it. It's really fun and keeps you interested with awesome dialogue options and music. Check out my video of it!

The game is charming, loved the jokes

Really fun, hilarious game.

made a video

Does this ever end?


You have to run out of one of the three "currencies" located in the bottom left hand corner. Basically you need to maintain the various things, otherwise you get Impeached. However, the game is definitely forgiving. =)


Haha, I thought I had to max them all out. It would be pretty tricky to get to zero on all of of them!

Amazing!!! Bravo 

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the game!


I did enjoy this game! I made a video about it! All those presidental decrees were pretty funny.

Love the video and glad you enjoyed it! We hope to do more small games like this in the near future. 

this game is funny


silly game kinda wish it were more serious but otherwise i enjoyed playing


nice overall quality. maybe needs some balance tweaks, too hard to loose

That's fair, we made some balance adjustments in that direction in our last update but it seems like its still a bit easy for most players.

Nice job!

this game is awesome good job!

what is the music named? I really like it

Scheming Weasel - by Kevin MacLeod


Update is now live!  We've 16 new Executive Orders each with several more headlines.

love the game game and agree with everyone more cards! lol
Deleted post

The game is surprisingly very fun! I can't wait for an update.

sweet game cant wait for more cards

Deleted 1 year ago

Update is coming soon, we have even been proofreading this new batch :)

Love this! Very Clever! Also like how I physically get to sign the order. Nice touch!

Fun little game to commentate on, would like to see more options in the future 


very nice, more cards gonna better this game a lot


"It's natural selection"

+25 approval



Really liked the game. Will wait for new content as adding my own executive orders is not as fun. Haha!


I would like to see more executive orders added. That being said this game is awesome.

We are actually working on a big batch now, keep posted for updates :)

Alright well we were delayed on the new orders, but we just added 3x the content! 16 more new executive orders. =) Great choice :P


We feel quite strongly about the brown part of a banana :)

I can tell, great game btw!

Seems legit

game keeps crashing, so it shit. can play only a minute.




We're glad to hear you enjoyed it!

After I played it once, it was impossible for me to get impeached again because I knew how those peoples' minds worked. It sucked there was only a few things you can sign off on (but it did create some hilarious scenarios like should I pick "my hips don't lie" or "my hips don't lie"). Good game, dude. Pretty funny.

Thanks for your comment, we are glad you enjoyed the game. We realize the content of the game is limited, as it was a simple jam game, but we have always considered coming back to it and adding more. 

I hope you don't mind but I really enjoyed your game and I uploaded a gameplay video of it on my small gaming channel! I'll link it here, in case you want to check it out. Thanks for creating such a funny and original game! 

We never mind!!! Thanks for playing and recording the video! As mentioned below you can download the game and add your own content. 

Awesome game! The answers that get the president impeached are hilarious.


Thanks! We are glad to hear you liked it. You can actually create your own Executive Orders in the game since it just pulls from a spreadsheet. We will be adding instructions soon for this process. =)

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